Testimonial letters


My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in July 2012. She first experienced minimal symptoms of PD in April 2012, including a slight tremor, insomnia, achiness, and mild anxiety and depression. Immediately upon diagnosis, her first neurologist put her on Azilect (1 mg, daily). As my mother began to get weaker, she decided that per a family member's suggestion, she should go see a PD specialist at KU Med in February 2013. He prescribed Sinemet (25/100 mg) every 4 hours. Around that time, her primary care physician also prescribed Clonazepam (.5 mg) twice a day to help with anxiety. At her follow up visit with the PD specialist in May 2013 he changed her dose of Sinemet from every 4 hours to every 3.5 hours. When she met with him again in November 2013, he moved her dosing up from every 3.5 hours to every 3 hours.

In March 2014, my mom fell and fractured her pelvis. Immediately upon falling, before entering rehab, she met with her PD Doctor again and he shortened the duration between doses and had her taking Sinemet (25/100mg) every 2.5 hours, 5 times per day and he prescribed Sinemet CR (50/200mg) at bedtime.

In May 2014, she had another appointment with the KU med PD specialist, who then diagnosed her with MSA (Multiple System Atrophy). At the same time he increased her Sinemet to 2 pills (25/100mg) every 2.5 hours and he started her on Mirtazapine (15 mg at bedtime) to help her sleep.

In July 2014, while my entire family was on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, my mom fell again (due to being unbalanced and dizzy) and broke her femur, re-fractured her pelvis and had to get surgery to repair the femur break at the Mayo Hospital. The Mayo Clinic neurologist also prescribed Amantadine on a trial basis (which only lasted 1 week, due to adverse reactions.) Otherwise, he did not change any of her medications or regimen.

As my mother's drug were increased over time, so were the side effects that came with the drugs. While I stayed with her at the rehabilitation facility in Arizona, I documented her typical, daily reactions and conditions:

  • She was experiencing auditory hallucinations on a daily basis; sometimes the voices were talking or yelling so loudly, she was unable to hear others that were talking to her and would be unresponsive.
  • Her eyes were "bugged out" on a permanent basis and she could go minutes at a time without even blinking.
  • Her blood pressure would fluctuate between normal and an alarmingly high rate; sometimes up to 200+ over 100+.
  • She would "zone out" often where she would stare through you or off into space and not initiate conversation or even respond when spoken to.
  • She would "tongue thrust" all day long and did not seem to have control over it.
  • Her mouth was constantly dry and her lips would get stuck on her teeth. She would be sucking on cough drops most of the day and even fall asleep with them in her mouth.
  • She had OCD tendencies about random things on a daily basis: going to the bathroom (she would sit on the toilet for hours); she tried to scratch moles off her arms; she would pick at scabs in her nose until the point of bleeding, etc.
  • She had terrible swelling in her legs and feet and had to wear compression socks (that didn't seem to help much) all day long.
  • She had almost-nightly panic attacks and would shake significantly and would experience a great sense of loneliness and insecurity.
  • She seemed to have lost feeling in her entire body and would use scalding hot water to wash her hands or to shower. Her aides or family helping her could barely handle the water temperature.
  • While her memory was excellent, her mind was extremely foggy. When she had her "zone out" times in the evenings, she could rarely remember anything from them the following morning.
  • She lost use of her right hand after her first fall. She is left-hand dominant and could use her left hand pretty well, but her right hand would just sit on her lap and she was unable to open or close it, let alone use it for anything.
  • She had blurry eyes in the evenings and was unable to read at night because she couldn't see well at all.
  • She had the typical "Parkinson's mask" and was unable to show emotion through her facial features.
  • She didn't feel any emotions, except for panic and anxiety.
In July 2014, my family was fed up with how the drugs were affecting my mom, how multiple neurologists could not give us a clear diagnosis of her, and how every doctor she would see continued to prescribe more drugs or increase her dosing on the drugs she was already taking. My mom's sister came across "The Parkinson's Miracle" by Dr. Frank Shallenberger and sent it to all of us. We finally had hope again! Around the same time, my sister watched the Dr. Mercola/Dr. Kalish interview where Dr. Kalish spoke of reversing Parkinson's Disease using an alternative method with amino acids. We were so excited! My sister immediately contacted Dr. Kalish, who then referred us to Dr. Alvin Stein.

Monday, July 14, 2014 was our initial phone consultation with Dr. Stein. Per his recommendation, we immediately took her off of Azilect and Sinemet CR that day. Additionally, he wanted us to begin weaning her off Mirtazapine, which she fully stopped taking in late July. Sunday, July 20 was my mother's first full day transitioning from Sinemet (25/100 mg, 5 times per day, every 2.5 hours) to the Mucuna Powder (4.2 grams, 5 times/day), CysReplete (6 pills/day), and NeuroReplete (3 pills/day).

In less than 3 weeks we have seen major improvements and almost ALL of the side effects from the drugs subside! Here is what we have monitored currently:

  • Her auditory hallucinations have completely disappeared! She is no longer hearing voices or being distracted from the yelling.
  • She is blinking normally and her eyes haven't "bugged out" since July 19 (final day on Sinemet).
  • Her blood pressure has been normal every single time it has been taken.
  • She has not "zoned out" since Saturday, July 19, which was her final day on Sinemet.
  • She has stopped tongue thrusting on a regular basis and now only does it a couple times here and there when she is extremely tired.
  • She is actually having a difficult time regulating the saliva she has in her mouth now. Her mouth isn't at all dry and she only uses cough drops when she chokes on certain foods.
  • She isn't experiencing OCD tendencies anymore!
  • She has absolutely NO swelling in her legs and feet and she hasn't had to use compression socks in weeks.
  • Her last panic attack was on Friday, July 18 Ėď 2 days before starting Mucuna Powder.
  • She has regained feeling and sensation in her body! She cannot use the hottest setting possible when showering or washing her hands anymore.
  • Her mind is clear and she has no trouble remembering events from the previous day(s).
  • She can use her right hand again! Recently, she unknowingly picked up a drinking glass with her right hand and drank from it. After doing so, she was shocked to realize what she had just accomplished.
  • She can read at night now and doesn't experience any blurriness!
  • Her Parkinson's mask has disappeared and she can now show emotion on her face.
  • She experience emotions freely and she laughs often! It has been wonderful to see and experience with her.
We are so grateful for this method and truly believe our mother would have died in less than a year if she continued on her prescription medication regimen. During her entire treatment of ever-increasing pharmaceutical drugs, the mainstream doctors would not consider that maybe she was being over-medicated and over-dosed. In our quest to find answers, we were extremely relieved and encouraged to find Dr. Alvin Stein, who is educated, honest, responsive, caring, and trustworthy. What a blessing he and this amazing method has been to our family. We cannot wait to see what another few weeks can do for our beautiful mother."

B E (daughter) for P
August 9, 2014

"Dear Dr. Stein:

I must THANK YOU for being so helpful to Dr. R.S.

Dr. S has been my familyís Orthopedic Doctor for well over 25 years and is also a personal friend. When I told him, I was going for Prolo with a Dr. Stein in Plantation in April 2011 he started researching and asked me if I would allow him to follow my knee which I did. The better I got, the more interested he became and he went to a courseó then he wanted more knowledge.

A few weeks back, when I called to make my appointment, I asked Beverly if I could bring him with me. You were so gracious to extend your hand.

Dr Stein, there are very few doctors in this world today THAT TRULY CARE AND WANT TO FIX THE PROBLEM!!!! YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE SPECIAL DOCTORS!!!!!!!

When I see how much more active I am now, then I was when I first came to you in April 2011 for Prolo and PRP...IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Dr S has much to learn and I have no doubt in the future, he will take as much pride and concern in his patientsí lives as you do BUT I will always come to you as long as you are still there, YOU ARE TOPS IN PROLO!

Many thanks to Michelle for being so attentive and having a smile on her face I truly think that your office and Dr S's are the only office's that I do not get white coat disease. "

Thank you,

"Dear Dr. Stein,

Just wanted to touch base and give you an update on the evolution of the prolo on my hip. I'm a happy camper! It's taken quite a bit of discipline w/stretching and massage therapy to unwind the tissue and improve flexibility....but I think I'm almost 100% there.

I feel very balanced on my horse, the hip/leg that felt like jello before are really strong, and I have minimal-to-no discomfort while riding. From 10 minutes in the saddle before feeling excruciating pain, I'm now riding for an hour and barely feel any discomfort. I'm actually thinking that I will again be able to do a trail-riding vacation next year (few hours in the saddle each day)....something that 6 months ago I felt I would no longer be able to enjoy.

Thanks for your great touch and counsel - the prolo journey, although challenging, was worth it!

Please feel free to use this testimonial on your website if you'd like. "


"Dear Dr. Stein:

"My son was in the sixth grade and struggling with school. He was not able to focus or
concentrate on his schoolwork. As a result it took him a lot longer than it should have to
get his assignments done. He was highly distractible, and daydreamed a lot during

Now since being on the amino acid therapy he is able to focus better. He gets his
schoolwork done in a reasonable amount of time and doesn't daydream much anymore.
He is actually enjoying learning!"

This patient was suffering from attention deficit disorder and was placed on a balanced
amino acid program consisting of 5 hydroxytryptophan and L. tyrosine to restore the
neurotransmitter balance. He is now functioning on a normal level without any
prescription drugs, and the attention deficit disorder is completely under control."

From the mother of a patient
diagnosed with attention deficit disorder

"Dear Dr. Stein and Company:

I just wanted to let you know of the fantastic results I am having with my ankles after receiving two treatments of prolotheraphy shots 8 weeks ago. I am truly amazed at the results, for the first time in years and years I am pain free. The pain in my ankles used to be on my mind with every step I took and even during the night the bed sheets would feel painful just resting on them. Now I have to remember what it used to be like. It is truly a miracle for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the treatment and believing in the treatment."

Best Regards,
K.P. from England

"Over 2 years ago I tore some ligaments in my wrist while bowling. Bowling has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, and being able to do it again has been my goal since my injury. Iíve seen 4 different doctors over that 2 year period and was still in pain. I was diagnosed with a cyst that was undeterminably the cause or effect of the ligament tears. I underwent surgery to remove the cyst and was left in more pain that when Iíd gone in.

I saw 2 more doctors 9 months after surgery. One of which said my wrist was not going to get any better, and the other who wanted to perform another surgery on me to treat for ligament laxity (a new diagnosis). Not wanting anymore surgery for fear that it would get even worse, I sought out alternative treatments.

I came across Dr. Stein while doing some research online. I saw him for several months while receiving Prolotherapy treatments on my wrist. After the first treatment I felt a difference. Over the next few months, I slowly regained strength in my wrist, and for the first time saw a light at the end of the tunnel. It took about 10 treatments in 3 week intervals, but just last week I bowled again for the first time in over 2 years without pain. Iíve been informed that my wrist will continue to heal on itís own for the next 2 years. Iím nothing short of grateful to Dr. Stein. After 2 years in pain, Iíd lost hope of having normal functionality of my wrist again. And heís given me the opportunity to do things I thought Iíd never be able to do again.

I truly believe that prolotherapy healed my wrist. Dr. Stein saw and treated the cause of my pain when other doctors could not. For the first time in a long time, I donít feel defined by my injury. Thank you Dr. Stein. "

William R. Hites

"Dear Dr. Stein,

I am very pleased to write this letter to help his many people as I can due to the positive effects the amino acid replacement treatment has brought to my life. I am so thankful for becoming aware of the amazing new research and treatment.

My history consists of having multiple mild traumatic brain injuries throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood due to sports related injuries and I have two family members who have epilepsy. So, at the age of 15, in 1987, when I began having seizures, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Tonic Seizures and Nocturnal Seizures. I was told that the cause was a possibility of the multiple traumatic brain injuries and a family history of epilepsy. I was treated with Depakote, which controlled the seizures, for the most part, except during severe stress and sleepless nights studying for final exams in undergraduate school. I averaged between 1 to 3 seizures yearly until 2001, when they ceased. With traumatic brain injuries, there are cognitive, emotional, and behavioral deficits along with the possibility of epilepsy. I suffered from mild depression and anxiety since childhood but was never treated with psychotropic medication until it became severe after being enrolled in a stressful doctoral program in 2001.

I was treated with Effexor for depression and anxiety. The medication never fully relieved by symptoms of depression and anxiety. Eventually, during extreme stress from the doctoral program and financial duress, I began having paranoid ideation and was treated with Risperdal for a short time. I was very dissatisfied and miserable with the adverse side effects of the 3 medications. Since I was seizure free since 2001, and informed by my neurologist that after 8 years on Depakote, seizure-free, one may cease the medication with positive results, I wanted to get off the medication immediately.

I soon became aware of the amazing amino acid replacement treatment for neurotransmitter deficiency diseases such as depression, anxiety, paranoid ideation and many other medical mental psychiatric and behavioral problems in October of 2008. I immediately began treatment and titrated off of all 3 medications. I currently have no symptoms of depression, anxiety, paranoid ideation, or seizures. I am fully aware that psychotherapy and learning new healthy ways of managing stress have helped me along the way as well. I lives a functional and balanced life now due to the amino acid treatment and I am thoroughly thankful every day for it and the hard work Dr. Stein did researching it to help others live a healthy life.

If you have any neurotransmitter deficiency diseases, you deserve to be free of the ailments and live a balanced life. I would greatly suggest researching the treatment yourself. I am currently applying for licensure as a Clinical Psychologist, and I am thankful that I can pass this knowledge onto my patients as well. You deserve to live healthy so you can be successful and productive in life and achieve your goals and live a peaceful life."

Your patient (L.D.)

My patient came to me, after a fall, with a full-thickness rotator cuff tear disrupting his shoulder, and an injury to his neck. He was told by another orthopedic surgeon that even after surgery, he would not obtain a cure. He received seven (7) prolotherapy treatment sessions in five (5) months. In the patient's own words ...

"I was amazed at the effectiveness and speed by which I was cured of all rotator cuff pain. My physical therapists were impressed with my rapid progress and send notes to Dr. Stein to that effect."

The patient was able to return to his exercise program and he was used to doing. In his own words, "I thought I would never get back to being able to swim laps normally, but four (4) months after I started treatment I swim four (4) laps in my health club pool without pain and eventually returned to swimming twenty (20) laps with no pain."

"I experienced severe headaches, which Dr. Stein attributed to ligament injuries in the neck occasioned by the fall. This interfered with my teaching duties at the University. After three (3) prolotherapy treatments to the neck, the frequency and severity of the headaches subsided substantially and I was able to resume my teaching duties. Dr. Stein's prolotherapy treatments of the neck continued to give steady improvement with continued decrease in frequency and severity of the headaches. Thanks to Dr. Stein for his medical expertise and thorough knowledge of prolotherapy, my injury is healing beyond my expectations!"

Yours truly,
Florida Institute of Technology
College of Science and Liberal Arts
March 12, 2008